belated update

Some how l find my life much less worth writing about when l’m not mtn bike touring.  I expect anyone who reads this would find it less interesitng to read too.  So (as is obvious — by my lack of posts) l’m not going to bother.

In case any one is interested — l’m in Canada.  Staying in Vancouver BC, with my sister and her fiance, designing and building a wedding dress for her. So far so good ( and yes l mean building — thats what they call it in the costume world, theres alot more that goes into such a project than just sewing)


It’s been a month or so since l left india. Since the last blog entry, l cycled across megalaya, which was pleasantly mountainous and remote enough to be campable/ relatively untrafficked despite riding on main roads.  Lovely really — would like to spend more time there, especially since l managed to ride right past one of (the extremely few) tourist attractions l actually wanted to see — namely the tree root bridges of cherrapunji.  I knew l was close, but lacking a map, and  all flustered/discombobulated by having dates and times/ticket purchased, and such like, I just rode right past it (and didnt realize for a couple of days). Being on “car time” and main roads l couldn’t really turn around so l kept blasting to siliguri (west bengal) in time to catch a train to dehli.  The one perk of bieng on main roads though, is that l ran into other cyclists. ( 2 of the 4 l met in the last year)

german its a race

An indian dude trying to set come kind of record ( and raise money/awareness for an anti-child-abuse charity) and a german dude cycling home overland. He and l rode together on my last day of cycling in india. Encountering together a road block organized by the muslim communist party, which was even blocking pedestrians (cyclists as well) with a line of seated ladies ( wearing head scarves but no veils). My german companion tried to talk our way through — pointing out that marx and engles were german and such like. I’m not sure whether intercession had any effect, but we were allowed to pass pretty quickly.


The next day we parted ways, I rolled my bike onto the train ( in the baggage car) and boarded my fancy air conditioned sleeper-compartment for the 30 hour train ride to new dehli.  Where, much less overwhelmed by by the chaos and traffic than l had been last time — l wandered across the city by bike, ending my trip the same place it started:  An apartment in Faiderbad with friends.  Who took me to watch the indian national ice hockey team practice ( all the players but one are from ladack — where it actually is cold enough for ice).

I flew to the US in time for a friends wedding.

(with the bride, and her top hat)

Then l got to row a baggage boat on the grand canyon for one of my dad’s trips.

And now l’m in canada playing dress maker….

shirtless selfie with my new best friend ( its hot and humid here...)

shirtless selfie with my new best friend ( its hot and humid here…)

( this dress is just the begining of the mock up (practice dress) ya’ll aint allowed to se the real thing till the wedding and such….

In the works, is building a tree house or two in nicaragua, a bike ride in central america and of course crust bikes


  1. // kapalama   •  

    Hey heads up! your link to Crust Bikes at the bottom of the post includes a space so the link is busted.

    I read about the Chupacabra a long time ago, but it seems you switched to a short tail fat bike for India. Did Long Tail extension finally die?

    Xtracycle’s new add-on piece will be made to fit a Surly Crampus 29+ so it looks like a reasonably fat bike Xtracycle will be possible semi-stock.

    • // goat   •     Author

      the chupacabra is alive and well
      (it’s a custom long tail frame — si no extension)

      but l built a short fat bike for this trip — lighter more nimble — easier to carry for days on end….

      I’m also excited acout the new Xtracycle design (they sponsored the RTS trip — so we’ve been talking abut this redesign for a long time)
      and it’s fat potential

      thanks for the heads up I’ll fix that link next time I’m on a real computer

      • // j   •  

        Would love to hear morr about yuur bikes… maybe dedicated post? Been following your RTS trip too.. amazing!

        • // goat   •     Author

          you’re right
          l’ve been meaning to write about the scapegoat
          l’m back in the saddle
          in taiwan and headed to australia
          so hopefully l’ll get it together…


          • // j   •  

            time for update ;]

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