Everest bound

pocket computer update

After a few days of rest and bike repair in the company of our new friend Mads of Himilayan Trails; we are off the bikes(!) and headed towards the tallest mountain in the world.  Our steeds are waiting in the town of Ringmou, which was as close to basecamp as we could reasonably ride them.  We’re the talk (laughing stock?) of the crowded trail; what with my bare feet, and Matt’s hobo-pole (rather than back pack).  Proper update to follow, when I can find a real keyboard to compose on….


  1. // katie   •  

    So exciting to see your updates Goat! Cheers!

  2. // Dianna Glidden   •  

    Nobody, no one inspires me more than you Dearest Goat. The Spirit of
    Hermes, messenger of the gods,
    God of trade, thieves, travelers, sports,
    athletes, and border crossings, guide to the Underworld. Any other understated skills up your sleeve?

    May your fat wheels and feathers on your feet adventure on. This Epic Journey # 2 Sun Dog, Diamond Dust at the poles of Endurance.

    May my arms embrace you again someday.

    With Mothering Care,

  3. // androidjago   •  

    Hiking to the views of Everest and Base Camp–amazing! What would be your advice to potential travelers?

    • // goat   •     Author


      advice would be
      go do it….
      you don’t need to plan, or save, or whatever it is you feel is holding you back
      the first step is the hardest…


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