¿¡ goat has a blog !?

¿who would have thought?


People keep telling me l should write a book.  Which doesn’t seem too likely — at least at this juncture – but l’m good at being interviewed – so if anyone wants to write one…  Blogging is in many ways a poor simulacrum of book writing, but seems at least to require less effort/commitment (and people keep asking if l have one).

Building (beautiful) house type things has been occupying all my time lately so l haven’t felt like my doings were of much interest to the world at large.  But here l am in India doing things with my bike which perhaps have never been done before (generally for good reason), remembering the Riding The Spine mish, and how nice it was/is to have photos and stories collected about one’s travels.  Alas, Jacob isn’t here to do all that work for me, happily ensconced as he is in the world of light and motion, Sebastopol and Tahoe.  Soooo l’m going to give it a try. Taking pictures too! (a Yost family first)  To that end here l am in the tourist center of Pokhara, Nepal staring at a screen in the best internet cafe in town listening to some delightful doom metal (Bloody Panda) trying to take the proverbial ‘hardest first step’:  hope it’s worth it.



  1. // fenderman   •  

    this is not the grammarian goat i know – india has changed you somehow…
    i presume you got the camera because ‘pix or it didn’t happen’, or some such…my feeling is just do the thing and forget about the effin’ eff stop…
    in future (or now) it’ll be ‘gopro or it didn’t happen’…
    …but we will all get some amusement from any pix you post, i expect…especially if they include some bike details…

    out here on the great pacific firebreak

    • // goat   •     Author

      tis true
      l can write all edgeimcated like when l want to 😉

      never been a picture taker
      but blogs look better with immages
      so l’m gonna try

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