philosophical road signs

signs of Nagaland

The road signs all over India l find quite amusing, but Nagaland takes it to a new level — not content to advocate save driving practices, they want to tell you how to live a good life too.  I only have photos of ones l liked, which means the really paternalistic or sappy messages are missing — there is no way l could capture all of them anyway: on the road from Kohima (the capital) headed west, there is a new sign every 500m or so. And one fo the villages along the way added their own signs with famous quotations — everyone from Ayn Rand to Karl Marx and everything you could think of inbetween.  If youre going to have billboards its a good way to go l guess…


  1. // Sergio Bollana   •  

    I want to think that, having headed for Nagaland, you were away from the earthquakes my friend. In any case, please post something… anything, so we know you’re OK.

  2. // Arla   •  

    Hi Sergio, this is Goats sister…thankfully he is well. He actually came back to the US a week or so ago, but is now off on a river trip and will be out of contact for a couple of weeks.

    • // Sergio Bollana   •  

      Thanks for the news.

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